December 8, 2017 | News | Database

Tasting Notes Database updated with Issue No 37 and No 38

500+ tasting notes from the 2016 vintage including all auction wines added to the database integrated in CellarTracker.

Tasting Notes Database | 500+ Tasting Notes Added

The 500+ tasting notes from Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 38 (Oct 2017) with Part III of our extensive review of the remarkable 2016 vintage have been integrated into the pro section of CellarTracker. This includes:

This database was also updated with the 50 tasting notes from Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 37 (Aug 2017) which includes a full coverage of all auction wines.

Tasting Notes Database | Access it Now!

Mosel Fine Wines has published over 8,000 tasting notes of Mosel and more generally Riesling wines since its launch in 2008.

These tasting notes are accessible via a searchable database to subscribers to both Mosel Fine Wines and CellarTracker.

For those interested, we published here an explanatory article on how to access the Mosel Fine Wines tasting notes database.

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