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Mosel Fine Wines | Issue No 30 (Mar 2016) is out!

The 80-pages strong "Mature Riesling" Issue covers detailed retrospectives of the 2006 and 1996 vintages, an in-depth review of Sekt, plenty of mature Riesling and some stunning Clos Ste Hune. Read more about here below!

Mosel and Riesling in general fully blossoms with age. Every year, we dedicate a major part of the Spring Issue to provide an update on “Mature Riesling.” This year we added an in-depth article on Sekt as well as some stunning Clos Ste Hune wines. Here more information:

“10-Years-After” 2006 Retrospective | A Remake of the Grand 1949 Vintage!

The most comprehensive retrospective on the 2006 vintage ever with 150 wines re-tasted from all major Estates and a detailed review of the vintage confirms that a remake of the mythical 1949 vintage is in the making, with plenty of classic and near perfect wines … and not only at BA or TBA level!

“20-Years-After” 1996 Retrospective | Plenty of Racy Freshness

The most comprehensive retrospective on the 1996 vintage ever done with over 50 wines re-tasted confirms the stunning freshness and utter Mosel lightness of the greatest of these wines. In addition, some stunner of BA, TBA and Eiswein were made!

Notes from the Cellar | Noteworthy Wines from Past Decades

Mature Mosel is one of the great joys of the wine world. This Issue includes over 100 tasting notes from the 2000s until the 1930s (on top of the 2006 and 1996 above) from small and great Estates to provide reference points ... and entice our readers to let their Mosel wines mature!

Let’s Talk About Sekt | The Sparkling Joy of Riesling

What do Sherry, the German imperial war marine and 4 bottles per year per inhabitant have in common? Correct, Sekt!

In this background article, we provide a full review of German Sekt, its history but above all how it fares today. The article includes detailed tasting notes for 60 recommended Sekt, many of which will not break the bank!

Clos Sainte Hune | Stunning Recent Releases and Mature Elegance

The latest release of this iconic Riesling proves a stunner and so do mature examples from the 1970s. Time to review this myth of a Riesling and brace yourself for some dry Riesling perfection!

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