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2017 Vintage | Mosel | Spätlese | Highlights

2017 Mosel Vintage | Spätlese Highlights

We look back at Spätlese in the 2017 vintage and share our list of not-to-be-missed vintage highlights.

2017 Spätlese | Sublime Raciness and Elegance

The low yields in 2017 made for quite intense wines. Once the botrytis was selected out, the remaining fruit allowed growers to produce some sensational wines. These have more presence and structure than in 2016 but still prove remarkably balanced thanks to the vintage's stunning zest. Spätlese is clearly a sweet spot of 2017 and this fact is reflected in the large number of highly rated wines.

Vintage 2017 | Spätlese | Label Pictures

The region’s star producers lead the table, with Weingut Fritz Haag, Weingut Schloss Lieser, Weingut Egon Müller (who produced the Spätlese of the vintage), Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm, and Weingut Willi Schaefer all producing stunner.

But the vintage also saw a myriad of modern-day classic Spätlese by the likes of Hofgut Falkenstein, Weingut von Hövel, Weingut Julian Haart, Weingut Peter Lauer, Weingut Max Ferd. Richter, Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (Erben Thanisch), Weingut Daniel Vollenweider, and Weingut Weiser-Künstler.

Overall, there is much to like among the 2017 Spätlese and readers are well advised to backpack some of the finest offers. The depth of quality is very high. Should none of the wines here below be available in your part of the world, there are plenty of brilliant Spätlese reviewed in our Issues this year. Happy hunting!

As for the 2017er Kabinett Highlights, there has also been some heavy de-classification of Auslese at Spätlese level. Readers are well-advised to read our tasting notes in order to make sure that the wine reflects the expected style.

2017 Spätlese | List of Vintage Highlights

We provide here the Spätlese highlights from the 2017 vintage (for number lovers: potentially 94 pts or more at maturity).

Vintage 2017 | Spätlese | List of Vintage Highlights
Vintage 2017 | Spätlese | List of Vintage Highlights

2017 Vintage | Full Report with over 1,000 Reviewed Wines

Our detailed reports on the 2017 vintage (Issue No 41, Issue No 42, and Issue No 43) will help you to navigate through the offers of Spätlese on the market as they provide detailed tasting notes for over 1,000 recommended wines from over 100 different Estates.

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