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Mosel Fine Wines | Report | Mosel Vintage 2016

Mosel Fine Wines | Issue No 42 (Aug 2018) is out!

This 95-page strong Issue includes Part II of our extensive 2017 Vintage Report with 380 tasting notes including of the wines from the upcoming Trier Auctions. Here is what is in store.

2017 Mosel Vintage | Small but Beautiful

2017 Vintage Report | Mosel | Riesling | Wine | Picture

After a brilliantly vibrant 2015 and a gorgeously sensual 2016, can the Mosel hit the bull’s eye three times in a row? It seems so, despite (or thanks to) the fact that 2017 was hit by some devastating yield-reducing frost. The finest of the 2017 wines are simply amazing ... and there is perfection at the top! We provide an overview on what is set to become a remarkable vintage.

2017 Mosel Vintage Report Part II | 285 Recommended Wines from 25 Estates!

2017 Vintage Report | Mosel | Riesling | Wine | Picture

Part I of the Vintage Report includes 10 detailed Estate Reviews (with 165 wines sampled). It also provides detailed tasting notes for another 120 recommended wines from a further 15 Estates, including from some new names we bet you have never heard off.

2018 Trier Auctions | A Complete Guide with Tasting Notes

Trier Auctions | Versteigerung Mosel | Wine | Picture

The 2018 Auction will take place on September 21 and 22, 2018 and give wine lovers the chance to acquire some of the finest casks of Mosel Riesling. We provide a detailed background as well as full detailed tasting notes for the wines on offer ... even for those unlikely to be opened again before the Auctions!

Mosel Perspective | Ruwer on the Up: Solely-Owned Vineyard in New Hands

Waldracher Laurentiusberg | Weingut Karthäuserhof | Ruwer | Picture

The Waldracher Laurentiusberg is now in new hands, namely in those of the Karthäuserhof Estate, as are other vineyards in the Ruwer. Overall, the Ruwer has been on the up lately. Learn more about these new developments.

Beyond Mosel | Keller Hubacker - A Vertical

Weingut Keller | Hubacker | 1997-2017 | Picture

We had the chance to have a look-back at Keller’s Hubacker wines ranging back to 1997. It proved a fascinating tasting with many highlights!

Sekt | New Releases

Sekt | Picture | Mosel Wine

After a background article on Sekt published in the Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 30 (Mar 2016), we have sampled some stunning new releases over the last few months.

Mature Mosel | Wines Still Commercially Available at the Estates

Mature Riesling | Commercially Available | Picture | Mosel Wine

“Where can I access mature Mosel Riesling?” As an answer to this regular question of our readers, we provide here detailed tasting notes for some superb mature Riesling still commercially available at the Estate, mainly Sekt this time.

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