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2016 Vintage | Mosel | Kabinett | Highlights

2016 Mosel Vintage | Kabinett Highlights

We look back at Kabinett in the 2016 vintage and share our list of not-to-be-missed vintage highlights.

2016 Kabinett | A Remarkable Success

2016 is a major vintage for Kabinett. Lovers of this light and elegant expression of Riesling packed with flavors will find much to like in the 2016 renditions. The seemingly endless list of highly successful Kabinett may be surprising, but this is how great 2016 has turned out to be for this style.

The depth of this result is a combination of two things: ideal grapes (ripe, with low sugar levels and moderate but good acidity) and a renewed focus by growers on this stylistic direction which the Mosel can “do” like no other. 10 years ago, it was almost shameful to admit producing Kabinett with fruit harvested below 85° Oechsle. Today, many growers have embraced freshness and specifically look for ripe grapes with low sugar levels.

Vintage 2016 | Kabinett | Label Pictures

At the top, Hofgut Falkenstein (which produced the Kabinett of the vintage), Weingut Fritz Haag, Weingut Egon Müller and Weingut von Schubert produced stunner which are must-haves for any Kabinett aficionado.

Three Estates stand out in 2016 by the sheer depth of quality in their Kabinett collections: Besides Hofgut Falkenstein and Weingut von Schubert, also Weingut Julian Haart and Weingut von Othegraven each produced not one but several Kabinett vintage highlights.

Also the other usual suspects produced Kabinett to fall in love with. One up-and-coming Estate made it onto our list of highlights, Weingut Loersch in Leiwen, no doubt a name we will here more of in the coming years.

All in all, we can only urge our readers to plunge onto these Kabinett. The remarkable thing is that the 2016 Kabinett are so good, that there are many more outstanding wines beyond this list. Just open your Issues of Mosel Fine Wines and see what is available in your neck of the world. You will not regret it!

2016 Kabinett | List of Vintage Highlights

We provide here the Kabinett highlights from the 2016 vintage (for the number lovers: potentially 93 pts or more at maturity).

Vintage 2016 | Kabinett | List of Vintage Highlights
Vintage 2016 | Kabinett | List of Vintage Highlights

2016 Vintage | Full Report with over 1,000 Reviewed Wines

Our detailed reports on the 2016 vintage (Issue No 35, Issue No 36, Issue No 37 and Issue No 38) will help you to navigate through the offers of Kabinett on the market as they provide detailed tasting notes for over 1,000 recommended wines from over 100 different Estates.

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