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Mosel Vintage 2014 | Kabinett Highlights

Kabinett Highlights of the 2014 Vintage

End of the Year: We look back at how Kabinett fared in 2014 and share our list of highlights from the vintage.

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Kabinett with the Lightness of the 1990s

The Mosel Vintage 2014 proved a remarkably contrasted vintage with true strokes of genius right next to the ordinary (to remain polite). Never have we experienced such a huge diversity in quality and style as in 2014.

THE sweet spot of the 2014 vintage are the Kabinett wines made from clean grapes. These wines have a lightness not seen in two decades and proved a return to the great Kabinett and Spätlese of the 1990s!

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Our Kabinett Highlights

One would expect such classic Estates as Julian Haart, Reinhold Haart, Peter Lauer, Egon Müller, Max Ferd. Richter, von Schubert, Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch - Erben Thanisch, Daniel Vollenweider or Weiser-Künstler to do well in this style and theses Estates did indeed deliver some little jewels of Kabinett wines in 2014!

A real positive surprise was Weingut Dr. Hermann, an Estate best known for its stunning sweet wines. It crafted a superb Erdener Treppchen Kabinett (AP 6). Also remarkable and heartening is the performance of Weingut von Kesselstatt, which produced a whole range of outstanding wines. Also, the Weingut von Othegraven offered a whole set of deliciously light and elegant Kabinett wines.

Here our list of not-to-be-missed "Vintage Highlights":

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Kabinett Highlights
Mosel Vintage 2014 | Kabinett Highlights

Overall, plenty of great Kabinett was produced (more in the Issues) and we would not be surprised if some will actually exceed our high expectations. While still rather shy early on, they are continuously developing rather nicely and are really worth cellaring.

Mosel Vintage 2014 | The Mosel Fine Wines Reports

More than for any other recent vintage, tasting before buying or reading what the wines taste like is critical to find the jewels in the 2014 vintage as wine styles range from clean over tropical to possibly downright “off.” Buying blind is never a good idea, it is downright suicidal in 2014.

Our Reports on the 2014 vintage with over 650+ detailed tasting notes of recommended wines from 70 different Estates may help you navigate through the offers.

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