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Mosel Fine Wines Guide to the Grosser Ring / VDP Auction 2015 is out!

As every year since 2009, we publish a full report with detailed tasting notes in advance of the annual wine Auction held by the Grosser Ring / VDP. This report is freely downloadable here below.

The Annual Grosser Ring / VDP wine Auction | A Tradition Since 1909

With a few exceptions, the Grosser Ring / VDP has been organizing an annual Auction almost every year since 1909. At these auction, member Estates sell some of their finest wines. These could be made from particularly privileged parts of a vineyard, from very old vines or from the finest of selections. These wines are different from the ones sold via the regular trade. You can learn all about these Auctions and auction wines in the article "Introduction to the Annual Trier Wine Auctions" published a few weeks ago.

Mosel Fine Wines Annual Auction Guide | Full Tasting Notes in advance of the Auction

The 2015 auction of the Grosser Ring / VDP will be held on September 18, 2015. At this occasion, some of the best wines from the following member Estates will be auctioned off:

We published a full guide to this particular auction which contains detailed tasting notes for (almost) all wines on offer that day as well as the necessary information to participate to the events.

Mosel Fine Wines Auction Guide 2015 | Freely Downloadable Here

Just click here below to access the guide and enjoy the reading!

Download Mosel Fine Wines Guide to the VDP Mosel Auction 2015

This Auction Guide was sent to Mosel Fine Wines subscribers a few weeks ago. Should you wish to subscribe and get the Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 28 (June 2015) with Part I of our detailed Vintage Report for 2014, just fill in the form here below. Subscription is completely free of charge!