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Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 28 (Jun 2015) is out!

The 70-pages strong Issue covers Part I of the 2014 Vintage report, a new project by Van Volxem and Markus Molitor and winemaking in the age of climate change. Read more about here below!

2014 Mosel Vintage Report - Part I

2014 produced some real gems, among the finest since the 1990s. But 2014 was a very demanding vintage in Germany and quality and style vary as widely as never before, sometimes at the same Estate. Buying blind is never a good idea. It is downright suicidal in 2014.

More than ever, our Vintage Report will help you unearth these Mosel gems. Part I provides an overview of the vintage, tasting notes for 250 recommended wines (including from some upcoming and still widely unknown Estates) as well as detailed "Estate Reviews" for:

  • A.J. Adam / Adam & Haart
  • Karl Erbes
  • Hofgut Falkenstein
  • Dr. Fischer
  • Geltz-Zilliken
  • Julian Haart
  • Dr. Hermann
  • von Hövel
  • Karthäuserhof
  • von Kesselstatt
  • Peter Lauer
  • Le Gallais
  • Schloss Lieser
  • Carl Loewen
  • Egon Müller
  • von Othegraven
  • Willi Schaefer
  • von Schubert
  • Vollenweider
  • Weiser-Künstler

News from the Mosel – Revival of the Ockfener Geisberg

Ever heard of the Ockfener Geisberg? Probably not. Yet this vineyard, which commanded the highest prices around 1900, is being revived by Van Volxem and Markus Molitor. Issue No 28 includes a detailed version of the article Geisberg – The Revival of a Saar Glory showing, among others, how history repeats itself ... 150 years later!

Mosel Perspective – Winemaking in the Age of Climate Change

2014 underlined the impact that climate change can have on modern vintages. A gripping graph shows the huge surge in average temperatures since the 1990s. We asked a few winemakers how they tackle the challenge of climate change. Some impact and actions are as expected, others may be more surprising.

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