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2009 dry Riesling | 2009 Off-Dry Riesling | Progress Report | Label

2009 Dry & Off-Dry Riesling | A Progress Report

Our extensive “10-Years-After” Retrospective highlighted the big and beautiful nature of 2009 and its greatness at the top.

2009 Vintage | Growing Conditions

The growing season proved quite a roller-coaster. Bud break happened early, flowering was uneven, and the summer was unusually dry, which led to some vines to shut down (and stop their development).

A spell of rain just before the harvest made growers fear for another 2006 vintage (a vintage with quite some botrytis, which is far from ideal for producing dry wines). Fortunately, the weather turned for the better and the harvest proved an easy affair.

2009 Dry & Off-Dry Riesling | Big and Beautiful

We re-sampled over 50 of the finest dry and off-dry Riesling from the 2009 vintage from leading Estates across Germany, Austria and France including from Weingut Georg Breuer, Weingut Emrich-Schönleber, Weingut Keller, Weingut Koehler-Ruprecht, Weingut F.X. Pichler, Weingut Schäfer-Fröhlich, Maison Trimbach, etc.

2009 Vintage | Dry Riesling Picture | Bild

Overall, the retrospective showed that the 2009 dry and off-dry Riesling are quite open for business and offer much pleasure in a big and bold style.

Despite the overall high quality, there are only few true classics emerging, most of them come from slate-driven soil. This includes an amazing success from the Mosel.

2009 proved also a vintage, in which less was often more. Freshness was key in 2009, as the gorgeous von der Fels by Keller underlined nicely: Despite being a “mere” village Riesling, it proved one of the vintage’s finest successes.

Lastly, the off-dry wines (a Mosel speciality) fared particularly well in this vintage, none more so than the gorgeous 2009er Enkircher Ellergrub and 2009er Enkircher Batterieberg by Immich-Batterieberg.

2009 Dry & Off-Dry Riesling | Detailed Tasting Notes

The complete 2009 dry & off-dry Riesling Retrospective including our list of highlights and detailed tasting notes for each wine was published in Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 45 (Apr 2019).

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