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Mosel Fine Wines | Report | Mosel Vintage 2009

Mosel Fine Wines | Issue No 45 (Apr 2019) is out!

Table of Contents: 250 mature Riesling (incl. 30 still commercially available!), mainly from the 2009 vintage, and a dive into the great defunct Mosel Estates. Read here what is in store.

2009 Retrospective | The Big and Beautiful Crowd-Pleaser

10 Years After Retrospective | 2009 Vintage | Riesling | Wine | Picture

2009 perfectly complements the racy 2008 vintage: It is a big and overtly fruity vintage, full of crown-pleasing qualities. Over the last few months, we re-tasted over 150 wines from 2009 (including 20 iconic dry Riesling from Germany, France and Austria). This 10-Years-After Retrospective revealed plenty of gorgeous Riesling from 2009 ... including some true modern-day legends.

Notes from the Cellar | Highlights from past Decades

Notes from the Cellar | Mature Riesling | Picture | Mosel Wine

Mature Riesling is one of the great delights of the world of wine. We provide full detailed tasting notes for 100 wines ranging back to the 1960s. This cross-section includes mythical wines of utter perfection as well as affordable wines from lesser-known growers. Besides providing data points, we still have not given up on enticing readers to venture into mature Riesling!

Mosel Perspective | Great Defunct Mosel Estates

Mosel Defunct Estates | Picture | Bild

Regularly, some bottles from Estates appear on the auction market which are no longer in existence. We provide here some background on the finest of these Estates which is based on year-long research.

Mature Mosel | Wines Still Commercially Available at the Estates

Mature Riesling | Commercially Available | Picture | Mosel Wine

“Where can I access mature Riesling?” As an answer to this regular question from our readers, we provide here detailed tasting notes for 30 superb mature Riesling still commercially available including from von Kesselstatt, Markus Molitor and Joh. Jos. Prüm.

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