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2007 Retrospective | Riesling | Mosel | Label

2007 Fruity & Noble-Sweet Riesling | A Progress Report

Our Retrospective underlines the great purity achieved by 2007 fruity and noble-sweet wines in this higher-toned remake of the great 1953 vintage.

Mosel Riesling blossoms as it matures. Every year, we dedicate the Spring Issue of Mosel Fine Wines to the beauty of mature Mosel. This includes the largest "10-Years-After" Riesling retrospectives made anywhere in the world. After a legendary 2006 vintage last year, we took on the somewhat forgotten 2007 vintage this year.

2007 Vintage | Longest Hang Time

2007 proved one of the most unusual vintages in a generation. Warm spring led to a record-early flowering. However, summer was average at best, pushing out ripeness and hang time to well over 120 days (the norm is more like 100 days). Perfectly dry weather at harvest meant clean grapes with little botrytis.

Well received at first, the 2007 vintage suffered from the economic crisis of 2008 and the bulkiness the wines started to develop after a year in the bottle which made wine lovers nervous about its evolution.

2007 Fruity & Noble-Sweet Riesling | Ripe Riesling Purity

We re-sampled over 200 wines, often whole collections, from the likes of Geltz-Zilliken, Fritz Haag, Schloss Lieser, Egon Müller / Le Gallais, Joh. Jos. Prüm, Willi Schaefer, von Schubert, etc.

2007 Riesling Vintage Retrospective | Mosel Fine Wines | Picture | Bild

2007 has developed into a higher-toned version of the great 1953, with ripe purity nicely lifted up by zesty elements. Many of the sweet wines are hugely impressive even if far from ready yet. The sweet spot of the vintage is clearly the “Auslese GK” category.

If you believe 2007 is only about “big and ripe,” think again: The vintage yielded gorgeously pure and playful fruity-styled wines ... even if there is no real Kabinett among them (for this, 2007 was simply too ripe).

Overall, the vintage is completely underrated and Riesling lovers should cask a sharp eye on our list of vintage highlights as many of these are still commercially available at Estates ... courtesy of the economic crisis of 2008.

We finish this overview by a look-back. We started Mosel Fine Wines in October 2008 and “covered” the 2007 vintage succinctly, through some wines of the month and a detailed Grosser Ring / VDP Mosel Auction Report 2008. So much be said: Those who followed our advice back in 2008 and 2009 have some crackers ripening in their cellars!

2007 Fruity & Noble-Sweet Riesling | Detailed Tasting Notes

The complete 2007 fruity & noble-sweet Riesling Retrospective including our list of highlights and detailed tasting notes for each wine was published in Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 34 (Apr 2017).

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