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Mosel Fine Wines | Report | Mosel Vintage 2015

Mosel Fine Wines | Issue No 34 (Apr 2017) is out!

The 120-page strong Issue covers 450 mature Riesling (incl. 40 still commercially available!), mainly from 2007 and 1997, an interview with Hanno Zilliken and tips to decipher the German wine label! Here is what is in store.

2007 Retrospective | Ripe Purity ... and Greatness at the Top!

10 Years After Retrospective | 2007 Vintage | Riesling | Wine | Picture

Stuck between the luscious 2006 and the crisp 2008, 2007 got a bit forgotten. Over the last few months, we re-tasted over 250 wines from 2007 (including 30 iconic dry Riesling from Germany, France and Austria). The result of this 10-Years-After Retrospective surprised us beyond belief: Some wines are bold but there are some stunners in this vintage!

1997 Retrospective | Textbook Riesling Elegance

20 Years After Retrospective | 1997 Vintage | Riesling | Wine | Picture

Our 20-Years-After Retrospective of the 1997 vintage includes over 90 wines re-tasted from this vintage which proves simply magical. We look back at the growing conditions and explain what makes this vintage so great

Notes from the Cellar | Highlights from past Decades

Notes from the Cellar | Mature Riesling | Picture | Mosel Wine

Mature Riesling is one of the great delights of the world of wine. We provide full detailed tasting notes for over 120 wines ranging back to 1937. This cross-section includes mythical wines of perfection as well as affordable wines from lesser-known growers. Besides providing data points, we still have not given up on enticing readers to venture into mature Riesling!

Hanno Zilliken | 40 Years of Saar Greatness

Hanno Zilliken | Weingut Geltz-Zilliken | Portrait | Picture | Bild

Hanno Zilliken has handed over his Estate to the next generation. We met up with him to review his career and his Estate. Besides an insight into one of the mythical growers in the Saar, the article includes full tasting notes to an once-in-a-lifetime tasting of some of the greatest wines ever produced by the Estate.

Decipher the Modern German Wine Label

Decipher | Understand | Introduction | German Wine Label | Picture | Bild

German wine label is one of the most complete. Yet trying to understand what is in the bottle (and ultimately in your glass) from what is written on a bottle may be a frustrating experience. Not all relevant information does systematically appear in writing. Worry not: Here is your guide to decipher the modern German wine label with simple tricks to make the most of your Riesling.

Mature Mosel | Wines Still Commercially Available at the Estates

Mature Riesling | Commercially Available | Picture | Mosel Wine

“Where can I access mature Riesling?” As an answer to this regular question from our readers, we provide here detailed tasting notes for 40 superb mature Riesling still commercially available stretching back to 1976 at such leading Estates as Dr. Loosen, Martin Müllen, Markus Molitor or Vollenweider.

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