February 16, 2015: News, Vineyards

Winter rest on the Maximin Grünhäuser hill

Winter has its advantages: One gets to see the imposing Maximin Grünhäuser hill from the comfort of the tasting room at the von Schubert Estate in Mertesdorf, in the Ruwer Valley. During the summer, this is hardly possible due to the foliage.

The front part of the hill is the Abtsberg and the back part, stretching into the side valley to the left, is the Herrenberg. The Bruderberg – not on the picture - is a few hundreds of meters to the right.

The Abtsberg and the Herrenberg share the same hill. And yet their terroir is slightly different. The Abtsberg is on blue slate with lower earth content. The Herrenberg is on deeper reddish soil (i.e. with a higher content of iron-oxide). Both vineyards deliver superb wines.

Enjoy this picture which we took a few days ago!

(image: Mosel Fine Wines, all rights reserved)

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