April 6, 2015 | News | Database

Updated Tasting Notes Database

The wines from Issue No 27 are now available in our tasting notes database integrated in CellarTracker.

200 tasting notes added to Database integrated in CellarTracker

The tasting notes from Issue No 27 are now integrated into the pro section of CellarTracker. This includes tasting notes of over 150 wines from the 2005 vintage and over 60 wines from the 1995 vintage, and covers much of the collections of many leading Estates such as:

  • Dönnhoff
  • Geltz-Zilliken
  • Reinhold Haart
  • von Hövel
  • Keller
  • Dr. Loosen
  • Egon Müller / Le Gallais
  • Joh. Jos. Prüm
  • Max Ferd. Richter
  • Willi Schaefer
  • von Schubert
  • St. Urbans-Hof
  • Wwe Thanisch (Erben Thanisch)
  • Weiser

as well as wines from another 20 Estates.

How to access this service?

These tasting notes are available to subscribers to both Mosel Fine Wines and CellarTracker. You will find more information here on how to access this database service.

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