November 28, 2014: News

German Riesling served at the Nobel Prize banquet

The Weingut S.A. Prüm just announced that its Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese will be served at this year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony to be held in Oslo. We congratulate the Estate for this achievement!

At the beginning of the 20th century, it would have been unthinkable NOT to serve a German Riesling with the fish course at a main banquet. So why has this changed?

(image: Nobel Prize Committee, all rights reserved)

We encourage you to peruse through the menus of the Nobel Prize ceremony banquets of the last century as these provide great insights on the changes in culinary habits.

It is fascinating to see how, in the roaring 1920s, dinners were still five course sittings with German Riesling firmly in charge of the starter and how, by the 1960s, this set up was gradually replaced by a three course dinner, in which champagne covers both cocktail and starter.

The German wine at the Nobel Prize ceremony banquet was, more often than not, a wine from the Rhine but sometimes also from the Mosel: for instance a 1913er Ohligsberger was served at the 1922 banquet.

Let the choice of serving a German Riesling at the 2014 banquets be the start of a new long-lasting tradition. In the meantime, enjoy the menus put online by the Nobel Prize Committee!

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