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Mosel Fine Wines | Report | Mosel Vintage 2009

Mosel Fine Wines | Issue No 56 (Apr 2021) is out!

Table of Contents: A retrospective of 2011 and 2001 as well as a look back at the great vintages of the past. Read here what is in store.

2011 Retrospective | Open and Inviting

10 Years After Retrospective | 2011 Vintage | Riesling | Wine | Picture

The richness and ripe 2011 yielded much round Riesling characterized by power and phenolic presence. There are however a few great exceptions, especially in the noble-sweet and dry styles. We review 75 wines from the vintage and share our highlights.

2001 Retrospective | The Grandness of Riesling

20 Years After Retrospective | 2001 Vintage | Riesling | Wine | Picture

We retasted 40 wines from the highly praised 2001 vintage from leading growers over the past few months, and the conclusion is really simple: This is an epic vintage! We have a look at the vintage and share our highlights.

Perspective | 1921 and the tale of Great Vintages

1921 | Vintage of the Century | Picture | Bild

The centenary of the mythical 1921 vintage is the perfect occasion to revisit the great vintages of the past and explain how the definition of a great vintage has changed over the last few decades.

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