April 14, 2015: News, Vineyards

Mosel Tranquility in Senheim

A beautiful and very scenic film on the Mosel Valley around Senheim and a few facts about this part of the Mosel.

Never heard of Senheim? This village lies in the heart of the lesser known part of the Mosel called “Terrassenmosel” which stretches from Pünderich to Koblenz.

Besides being incredibly scenic, this part of the Mosel is also full of potentially great vineyards which only wait to be rediscovered. This could include the Senheimer Lay (which you see on the left side on the screen shot here above). This vineyard boasts several parcels which were “dark red” (i.e. in the highest categories) on the taxation map of the Koblenz district in the 19th century.

Enjoy the scenery!



(© film: Jonas Kuhnen / Youtube - Text: Mosel Fine Wines - all rights reserved)

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