November 13, 2014 | News | Estates

mMximilian von Kunow | Weingut von Hövel | Krettnach | New Estate

Max von Kunow takes over sizeable Estate in Krettnach

In a bold move, Max von Kunow doubles the size of this Estate with further vineyards in the Konzer Tälchen. Here is the story.

Max von Kunow is the owner of the Weingut von Hövel in Oberemmel in the Saar. He just took over the former Schmitt-Reuter Estate in Krettnach, with a whopping 10 ha of vineyard in Niedermennig, Krettnach, Oberemmel and Wiltingen. This almost doubles the size of his Estate.

It seems that this will be part of a project to be run next to the historic von Hövel Estate, but Max did not want to disclose more details at this stage. He just said: “I am thrilled to have been able to take over these vineyards among which some first class parcels in the former Silberberg, a vineyard classified in the highest category in the taxation maps.” [Note: he refers to the "dark" part of what was simply called Crettnacherberg on this taxation map]

We will report on this exiting new project as soon as we will have more information and already look forward to tasting its produce next year.

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