October 17, 2014: News, Vintages

Harvest 2014 in full swing

The 2014 harvest will be a stop and go affair right until the end.

(images: Max Ferd. Richter / Meierer, all rights reserved)

The main Riesling harvest goes on at full swing as we speak. Here the takeaways for the week:

Going forward, most will try to wrap up by the end of next week, several winemakers having done so already this week, including Egon Müller, Weiser-Künstler and Heymann-Löwenstein.

Here some further vintage impressions from the Terrassenmosel area in the fog, the Wehlener Sonnenuhr and beautiful grapes in the Saarburger Rausch.

(images: Lubentiushof / Heribert Kerpen / Geltz-Zilliken, all rights reserved)

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