September 30, 2014: News, Vintages

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Harvest looks fine so far

The Mosel Riesling Harvest 2014 has started. Here the key takeaways for the week. All looks fine ... so far.

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Key takeaways for the week

The Riesling harvest is in full swing in the Terrassenmosel, as we reported a few days ago, with, among others, Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein but also Weingut Knebel hard at it

The Harvest of non-Riesling grapes (Weissburgunder, Spätburgunder, etc.) is coming to a close if it is not yet already finished.

The Riesling Harvest 2014 will gradually start in the Middle Mosel, Saar and Ruwer, either this week (e.g Weingut Selbach-Oster or Weingut Karthäuserhof) or next week (e.g. Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm or Weingut von Hövel)

Mosel Vintage 2014 | Harvest looks fine ... so far

Mosel Harvest 2014 - Weingut Julian Haart - Wintricher Ohligsberg

(image: Weingut Julian Haart, all rights reserved)

As you can see from the picture of grapes in the Wintricher Ohligsberg (destined for a Kabinett at Weingut Julian Haart), all still looks fine at the moment even if the sporadic showers of rain and morning fog of the last few days makes many winemakers nervous. This fastens the ripeness and could bring some botrytis pressure, especially in the better vineyards.

Fingers crossed!

PS: A new generation was born in one of the Estates which we follow regularly, but we let the family communicate about this!

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