November 4, 2014: News, Vineyards

Gewann Names allowed on labels in Rheingau

"Gewann Name" will also be allowed on wine labels as of 2014 vintage in the Rheingau. What does it mean? Well, for instance, it is likely that you will see a “Steinberger Zehntstück”, possibly next to a “Steinberger”, on the label of the Staatsweingüter wines!

(image: Weinbauverband Rheingau, all rights reserved)

The Rhineland-Palatinate had led the way a few months ago, allowed a "Gewann Name", the equivalent of the French Lieu-Dit on the label. We had reported extensively on this in August and September (see for instance here). In essence, the same provisions regarding the use of these “Gewann Name” will apply in the Rheingau.

The VDP has been the key driver behind this. Why? All is explained in our in-depth article published in our latest issue on the vineyard classification in Germany and the relationship with the Gewann Name.

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