October 3, 2014: News, Vintages

Fog over the Mosel

Ever heard about a river having a beneficial effect as it stores heat and helps create a micro-climate in a region? Well, here are some beautiful pictures illustrating this nicely in the Mosel.

(image: Peter Ruhrberg, all rights reserved)

By September, the air starts to become cooler, particularly at night. However, the River (Mosel) stores heat and the temperature contrast creates some fog, which only clears away as the day warms up.

The pictures here were taken from 12.00 until 12.30, showing how quickly things can change!

(images: Peter Ruhrberg, all rights reserved)

This fog is a characteristic of the Mosel and is at the basis of the spreading of botrytis, which helps make some stunning Auslese GK upwards but is a pain in the neck if you want to make dry wines (as winemakers do not want neither the high sugar levels nor the aromatic profile generating by botrytis). One can’t have it all!

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