January 17, 2015: News, Estates, Vineyards

Major changes at the historic Studert-Prüm Estate, with Dr. Loosen taking over half of the vineyards

Quite some changes at the Weingut Studert-Prüm Estate! The Dr. Loosen Estate takes over half of this historic Estate's vineyards while young Michael Studert plans a “back to the Studert roots” move with the family Estate.

(images: Weingut Dr. Loosen and Studert-Prüm, all rights reserved)

The Studert-Prüm Estate came into being in 1971 after Stephan Studert, heir to the similarly named Estate in Wehlen, married Elisabeth Prüm, heiress to the historic Peter Prüm Estate (one of the seven original Prüm siblings). As you can imagine, as a result, the quality of the vineyards of the Studert-Prüm Estate is simply staggering.

The Estate had been run by their two sons, Gerhard and Stephan Studert lately. Stephan’s son Michael joined them in the mid-2000s. Under his impulse, the Estate has been clearly on the up, producing some increasingly attractive wines, especially in the 2012 vintage (as we reported in our Issue No 23 - October 2013).

The Dr. Loosen Estate takes over the share of Gerhard Studert which is composed of a little less than 2 ha of vineyards inherited from his mother, i.e. from the former Peter Prüm Estate. This gives Erni Loosen access to some stunning parcels, including 1.5 ha of prime parcels in the Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich and Graacher Domprobst (the latter being a new vineyard for the Dr. Loosen Estate). In a way, the change of hands remains in the family, as also the Dr. Loosen Estate originates from the former Prüm Estate (Erni’s grandmother is another of the seven original Prüm siblings).

Michael Studert will carry on the family Estate with the other half of the vineyards, which includes 1.5 ha (!) in the Wehlener Sonnenuhr as well as a prime parcel in the Bernkasteler Graben.

He plans a sort of “back to the Studert roots” as he will move to the original Studert Estate situated on the river which the family acquired from the St. Maximin Abbey in the early 19th century.

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