August 3, 2014: News, Wines of the Month

2013er Vollenweider Kröver Steffensberg Riesling Spätlese

(image: courtesy Weingut Vollenweider, all rights reserved)

In August, we want to highlight another gorgeous Spätlese which emerged from the high acidity 2013 vintage, namely the Kröver Steffensberg by the Vollenweider Estate.

Daniel Vollenweider is probably best known for his wines out of the Wolfer Goldgrube, a forgotten vineyard he sole-handedly put back on the map.

However, he also acquired some prime parcels in the neighboring Kröver Steffensberg, a vineyard which was as forgotten and as highly regarded as the Goldgrube.

The 2013 Spätlese is simply dead gorgeous and a great tribute to this under-rated vineyard. Read more about this wine and the overall outstanding 2013 collection by this Estate in the Issue No 25 (Jun 2014).



Kröver Steffensberg Riesling Spätlese

05 14


Harvested with not much more than 80° Oechsle, this real Kabinett delivers great intense flavors of yellow peach, ginger and fine spices framed by a zesty acidity and a deliciously mouth-watering feel in the finish. Thankfully, this is not a big Kabinett but a real one with gorgeous complexity and quite some development potential. We would not be surprised it this would only shine in a big decade. 2018-2028+

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