July 3, 2014: News, Wines of the Month

2013er Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg Spätlese

In July, we feature an amazing Spätlese from 2013 which underlines nicely the potential of the vintage, the Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg Spätlese.

(image: courtesy Julian Haart, all rights reserved)

We have just released the Issue No 25 with Part I of our comprehensive review of the 2013 vintage. This high acid vintage delivered some truly amazing wines, which combine high acidity with refreshing "intense lightness". However, quite some wines are much less exciting, so being selective will be essential in 2013.

The Wintricher Ohligsberg Spätlese produced by Julian Haart from a refreshingly light 83° Oechsle (a level usually not deemed sufficient for Kabinett at many Estates!), underlines the potential of the vintage nicely. This brings forward everything which is great about Mosel: zest, aromatic intensity and ethereal lightness. Read more about this wine and the overall outstanding collection by this Estate in the Issue 25.


Julian Haart

Wintricher Ohligsberg Riesling Spätlese

08 14


Harvested at a cool 83° Oechsle, this comes over as multi-layered, complex, fresh and pure thanks to great scents of flowers and vineyard peach, paired with almond and some bakery elements from the spontaneous fermentation. The airy and zesty nose gives way to a deeper and slightly earthier side on the mid-palate. The finish is very intense and shows great length with superb smoky flavors. This is a great Spätlese! 2021-2033

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