October 3, 2012 | News | Wines of the Month | Auctions

2011er Merkelbach Ürziger Würzgarten Auslese (Auction)

An Auslese by Merkelbach proves on of our picks of the 2012 Trier Wine auctions held a few days ago.

(image: Bernkasteler Ring, all rights reserved)

Once again the two Auctions held by the Bernkasteler Ring and the Grosser Ring / VDP at the end of September were absolutely amazing events with some stunning wines on sale, as we reported in our Special Issue - Auction Guide released before the Auctions, at beginning of September.

Prices were high also in this vintage (but so was quality) but smart readers of our Auction Guide could make some smashing deals.

In particular, the Alfred Merkelbach Estate, a pillar of Mosel classicism since decades, produced yet again a superb auction Auslese which did not break the bank (but then these wines do never break the bank, on the contrary, as those who can buy directly can find out on the Estate's website).


Alfred Merkelbach

Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Auslese (Auction)

18 12


Made from parcels in the original Würzgarten and fermented with 9.5% of alcohol, this has gradually opened up over the year to deliver an incredible aromatic (almost Scheurebe in style) touch of cassis, smoke and herbs. The wine is playful and juicy on the palate and leaves a clean smoky feel in the finish. It is a great easy-drinking Auslese! 2016-2026

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