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2005er Nigl Riesling Privat

We feature a dry Riesling from our latest Issue, the 2005er Nigl Riesling Privat, which came out top in our extensive review of 2005 dry Riesling, and provide some background on this roaring success.

The Nigl family tends 30 ha of vineyards in the Kremstal (Austria). It made a name for itself for intense bottlings of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. Its portfolio includes the Riesling Privat, which has come from the single vineyard Senftenberger Pellingen since 1997.

In our extensive retrospective of the 2005 vintage just published in Issue No 27, we reviewed iconic Riesling bottlings made in Germany, France and Austria by the likes of Breuer, Koehler-Ruprecht, Keller, Wittmann, Trimbach, Hirtzberger, etc. We readily admit that, somewhat to our surprise, the Riesling Privat came out top. The wine shows great finesse and airiness.

Martin Nigl puts this success to the quality of the grapes: “The vintage was ripe but not overripe and did not get any botrytis. This meant that we could leave the grapes to ripen until November and get clean flavors. I am very bullish on my 2005!”

We can only wholeheartedly agree as this is a superb bottle of dry Riesling which transcends the ripeness and sometimes heat of the vintage. Whoever has some 2005er Riesling Privat in his cellar will be in for a great moment of wine enjoyment.



Riesling Privat


This white-yellow colored wine delivers a great nose of fresh yellow fruits, some dried herbs, spices and stony fruits with still a fine and nice touch of reduction. The feel on the palate is light and elegant and the wine leaves a gorgeous salty side in the long and delicately smooth finish. This gorgeously fresh and elegant wine should pair ideally well with food. What a success! Now-2020

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